Avoid the DIY Trap

If you search YouTube for "DIY Fail," you get pages of results. Watch any of them, and you'll find countless well-intentioned DIYers. Please don't end up on a YouTube video caught in the silent gasp of dropping your expensive flatscreen or having it come crashing down during the big game. Let our experts at Neighborhood Techs give you the professional TV install your sleek flatscreen deserves.

Bigger Than it Looks

Looks can be deceiving, especially when it's time to pick them up. Although flatscreens are lighter than early models, they are also more delicate. Grabbing them by their screen edges or holding them in the middle like a restaurant serving tray is a recipe for disaster. We can treat your new TV with meticulous care throughout the mounting process. Best of all, we can help you choose the correct mount.

Studs? What Studs?

So many modern wall mounting solutions have lulled many into a false sense of security. If stick-on hooks are the base of your experience, think twice about screwing something into your wall. Not only do you need to find the studs, but you also have to ensure you have the right mount for your television. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to TV mounting. But we have the expertise to do it right.

Endless Wires

Wireless flatscreen accessories like soundbars are amazing. Roku, Firesticks, and the like help you skip over wired cable altogether. But there is still one thing that isn't wireless - the power cord. We can tidy your wires for whatever electronics you need to be installed. Then you have a nicer viewing experience where your impressive flatscreen is the center of attention, as it should be.

Avoid the DIY trap and contact our experts at Neighborhood Techs for the professional TV installation you need. Go to our website and book online for the most convenient and fastest way to enjoy your new flatscreen. Contact us today!

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