Better TVs Deserve Better Mounts

It's tempting to be resourceful when making a television upgrade. But relying on your old television mount can be a recipe for disaster. So instead, trust our experts at Neighborhood Techs to recommend a suitable TV mount for your new television. Whether upgrading an existing installation or a first-time install, we have the TV mounting solution you can trust.

Better Mount

Not all modern televisions are created equally. For example, many flatscreen televisions offer curved screens that need specialty mounts to move into the perfect position. Depending on your seating area, an older inflexible TV mount makes you miss out on the full potential of your modern television. Nobody wants to miss a penny from their new $14,000 television.

Better Sound

Since you've upgraded your television, why not upgrade your sound system? Our experts can install a new sound experience with your new television for the ultimate watching experience. You can rely on any accessory or power cords to be neatly tucked away for a tidy installation.

Better Experience

A proper installation creates a better viewing experience for everyone. You can skip the inconvenience of a DIY installation and skip to the end where you are watching your favorite sports and shows. Our experts at Neighborhood Techs can perform an installation that lets you enjoy every cent of your new television purchase. Why wait?

Better TVs deserve better mounts and a professional installation from our experts at Neighborhood Techs.

So book online today and start enjoying your new TV!

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