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From groceries to travel, there is nothing you can't do online. You can also book professional TV installation with our experts at Neighborhood Techs. So go to our website, fill out the online form, and answer a few questions about your application. No matter where you want to mount your new fantastic TV, we can make it happen. With over seven years of experience, we're the experts you can trust.

Professional TV Installations

DIY is appropriate for some household applications like puttering in the garden and maybe some painting touch-ups. Other applications, like mounting a costly television, should be left to the pros. Trust our experts to choose the right TV mount and secure it to your wall with confidence. Once placed, your TV isn't going anywhere until you want us to dismount it.

Sound-bar Mounting

For the perfect at-home movie experience, many people add a dynamic soundbar. We can mount your soundbar during TV installation or afterward. It's never too late to bring your theater experience home. Why miss out on a theater experience in the comfort of your home? Add a soundbar, and save your headphones for your beats.

Hiding Messy Wires

Installations can get messy, so we always offer services that hide messy wires. Wireless accessories are great, but sound and video cables are essential if you want to experience every watt of output. Don't skimp on your viewing experience because you don't know what to do with your accessory wires. Our experts can tuck them away for a tidy look that doesn't distract from your magnificent television.

Book online today for fast TV and soundbar mounting from our team at Neighborhood Techs. See why sports and movie fans call us first!

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