Create Your Perfect Theater Experience

Whether you want to bring the perfect experience home or create a custom media space, our team at Neighborhood Techs can help create your perfect theater experience at home. If you've already decided on the ideal layout or need our expert advice, we can create an experience you will love.

Flatscreens & Accessories

Directors know that the best movies are the perfect balance of sights and sounds. So make sure you have the right tech to pull off your perfect viewing experience every time. Do you want a large flatscreen, or will a curved OLED display work better? How about sound? Is there anything better than Dolby? How much does speaker quality affect sound output? Once you decide on the equipment, installation is the next critical component.

Professional Installation

Don't spoil your media space with a shoddy, DIY installation. Your media space deserves more than the help pizza can buy from your neighbor. Instead, trust our experts to deliver a secure, tidy television and accessory installation. Then sit back and enjoy your cutting-edge media tech's awesome sights and sound.

More Than Movies

Do you love sports? The right installation can put you courtside with your favorite teams. Don't let your team go to the playoffs alone. Add your voice to the crowd from the comfort of your home with our help. Basketball, baseball, hockey, and football all play better with premium media equipment and a professional installation.

Let us help create your perfect theater experience with a custom television and sound installation. Our experts at Neighborhood Techs can bring front-row action into your favorite viewing space today!

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