Dismounting Old Tech

Nothing competes with the thrill of bringing home new tech until you realize you have to dismount old tech. So trust our experts at Neighborhood Techs for all your home tech mounting and dismounting solutions. Whether you want to install a new flatscreen or smart home tech, we can help. Best of all, we can safely dismount your old flatscreen hassle-free.

Older Flatscreens

Remember when your last flatscreen TV was the biggest one available? Times change. Flatscreens get larger, lighter, and more capable. Make sure your new install goes smoothly with a professional dismount. Set your DIY aspirations aside. We got this. Our pros can land the dismount every time.

Old Home Tech

As satisfying as the sledgehammer scenes in home remodeling shows are, there's no place for that in removing old home tech. So trust us to uninstall your doorbell cameras, smart thermostats, and similar tech for new models smoothly. Neat is the name of the game in home tech installations and uninstallations.

Hardware Upgrades

Are you an early adopter when it comes to home tech? New home tech needs new mounting hardware. So give your old flatscreen mount a break when it's time to upsize your television. The right mount can add capabilities to your viewing experience you never thought possible. So not only can we dismount your old television hardware, but also install the new fixture securely.

Dismounting old tech is only part of the expertise we offer. We're Neighborhood Techs, and we have your home tech installation solutions. Contact us today!

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