DIY Disasters

Big box stores, YouTube, and DIY blogs have transformed the do-it-yourself industry, especially concerning home repair. Although this newfound confidence is appropriate for some applications, it can create DIY disasters in others. Hiring our experts at Neighborhood Techs to mount your premium TV can give you what DIY can't, like a peace of mind, professional results, and same-day service.

Load Bearing Studs

Hanging a picture on your wall is reasonably straightforward. In fact, modern adhesives mean you don't have to punch a hole in your pretty wall. However, there is a substantial difference between hanging Aunt Edna's portrait and an 85"-class OLED TV. Heavy objects need to be mounted to studs that can take the weight. You can find a stud through trial and error, or you can trust our professionals to do it correctly quickly.

Professional Results

Finding a stud is only the first step. There is also hanging the mount, attaching the television, connecting accessories, and tidying the wires. How much time can you devote to hanging your television from your busy schedule? Our Neighborhood Techs can offer same-day service. You have better things to do than struggle over your premium TV installation. Trust our experts to do the job quickly and correctly.

Easy Scheduling

You can schedule your premium TV installation directly from our website. Simply answer a few online questions through our book online page, and you can start enjoying your television quickly. Save your precious time for things you enjoy, like watching your new premium television. So skip the DIY TV installation and trust our experts at Neighborhood Techs.

Avoid DIY disasters and contact us today for your premium TV installation. Trust our experts at Neighborhood Techs to do the best job with your TV and home tech installations. Book online today!

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