Home Tech Installs

If you're satisfied with your flatscreen television installation by our experts at Neighborhood Techs, look to us for the rest of your smart home tech installations. We can do it all. So trust our experts for all of your installation needs, and you won't be disappointed.

Smart Doorbells

Who knew smart doorbells would be so popular. So whether you prefer the Nest or Ring, we can install a wide variety of smart doorbells. Why do a battery-based install when you can have a secure hardwire system? Trust your doorbell to work when you need it most with our professional installation services. From selecting the best spot for your doorbell to secure hardwiring, a Neighborhood Techs installation is worth it.


Want to get a better view of what goes bump in the night? Outdoor and indoor security cameras have come a long way, especially for DIY installation. But if you prefer not to climb a ladder, don't worry. Our techs don't mind installs that go the extra mile to make you happy. So when you need professional outdoor and indoor camera installation, call us.

LED Lighting

Replacing incandescent or fluorescent lighting fixtures with LEDs is always the right move. Our techs can replace your old fixtures with your new LED ones in no time. In addition, you can always trust a Neighborhood Techs installation to be neat and clean. From flush mounting to proper positioning, we have the expertise you are looking for.

Contact our experts today for all of your home tech installation needs. Make your house into a smart home today!

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