Landing the Dismount

Nothing beats the thrill of buying a better flatscreen TV. When you are ready to make an upgrade, trust our experts at Neighborhood Techs for your mounting and dismounting solutions. Replacement installs are easy when you do it right the first time. We can ensure your dismount goes as smoothly as your install every time.

Harder Than It Looks

Although the best advice to remove a band-aid is to rip it off, you'd never accept that advice for your appendix. Dismounting requires the same planning and care as a professional install. Avoiding damage to drywall, removing wiring, or disconnecting peripheral accessories requires a skilled hand. Our dismounts go as smoothly as our installations.


If you already have the perfect television watching spot, you may only need to replace your existing flatscreen TV. However, much larger televisions may need a sturdier mount than the existing one. We can dismount your old TV and replace the support without damaging your drywall or making the dismount obvious. Your new TV will look great and secure with the new mounting hardware. We're the experts you need for the installation.

New Tech

Want to upgrade more than your television? Improve your entire viewing and sound experience with new television and peripheral accessories. We can dismount all of your existing equipment and replace them with your new gear. Your new installation will look as sleek as our initial installation of your first-generation setup. Look to our experts for all your repeat upgrades, and you will never be disappointed.

Landing the dismount goes well beyond the Olympics.

Start your television upgrade by properly dismounting your old setup with our help. We can deliver the viewing experience you crave. Call us today!

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