Premium Television Installations

Who knew that one day televisions wouldn't require their own furniture to enjoy? The only time you see a CRT nowadays is in a museum or a movie set in the 80s. All we say about the old TVs is thank goodness that's over. Modern TVs are sleek, stylish, and powerful. Remember, a premium TV deserves a professional installation from our experts at Neighborhood Techs. We can help.

Which Size Class?

Believe it or not, bigger is not always better. So before you start having screen envy, consider a few things before making your big purchase. First, think about the room size. Will an ultra-large screen fit the feel of the room or stick out like a sore thumb? Then, consider the viewing distance. Immersive experiences require larger screens or closer seating. For a more nuanced viewing experience, a few yards between you and your screen may be perfect.

To Curve or Not to Curve?

Although enjoying a technological marvel is reason enough to get an ultra-thin curved television, the curved screen has certain limitations. If you get to sit in the center of the screen's curvature, you are in for an intense, immersive experience. However, if you have to share screen time with your family, there may be a fight for premium seating. Also, consider if you will watch your screen from different rooms. Here flatter may be better.

Sound and Space

Modern flatscreens don't leave much room for a premium sound system. Manufacturers presume most premium television consumers will also select accessory electronics to support their viewing habits. This is where your screen and sound installation are as important as your chosen tech. Good televisions and speakers, in the wrong places, ruin a viewing experience. Trust our experts to install everything properly, so you get the most from your new television tech.

Premium television installation begins with understanding tech selection, and we can help. Once you pick your new speakers and screen, trust our experts to deliver a professional installation that makes it all worthwhile. We're Neighborhood Techs, and we're here to help.

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