Premium TV Installations

Do you have a beautiful social space in your home that's missing something? Fill that space with a high-end television and add a new dimension to your downtime. Although there are plenty of premium television choices out there, have you thought about how you will mount that beautiful screen? Neighborhood Techs is your source for premium TV installations. So why not do it right the first time?


There's no shortage of DIY opportunities around the home, but some projects are DIY-don't. For example, do you trust the mounting screws the big box store associate handed you? How much trust will you put in the online reviews for the TV mount you found on Amazon?

Oopsie Daisy

There's more to mounting high-end televisions than the hardware. Are you sure the wall itself can hold the weight of your super flatscreen TV? The load-bearing strength between wall studs and sheetrock can be dramatic. Don't let inexperience mixed with enthusiasm send your four thousand dollar screen crashing to the floor.

Same Day Service

Depending on the installation, same-day service is available, even for multiple screen installs. Best of all, you can order your installation online through the installation portal. Answer a few questions, and your custom installation can be ready to schedule. It's that simple.

Don't trust your premium TV installation to DIY. Instead, trust our experts at Neighborhood Tech to get your installation done right the first time. You deserve upscale results. Contact us today!

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