Same-Day Service

Waiting is the hardest part, except when you go with expert TV installation from our experts at Neighborhood Techs. No matter what brand of television you hope to mount or where you need it located, our team of experts has the solution you are looking for. When you are ready to leave DIY behind, contact us, and we can get you viewing in no time.

Experience You Can Trust

Experience you can trust is a key ingredient to offering same-day TV installations. With over seven years of experience, we've seen a few things that make contacting us the most crucial step to enjoying your new television. Nobody wants to wait to enjoy their new flatscreen, and neither should you. Our experts can deliver same-day service when you need it most.

Expert Installations

Are you willing to trust your $4k television to anonymous online reviews about a proper TV mount? Do you know what's behind the wall you want to mount your brand new television to? We can deliver the expert installation you need to keep your television where you want it. Better still, no installation is complete without tidying wires. We can provide the sleek look you want.

Easy Sign-Ups

Having your new television mounted professionally is as easy as signing up online. Our website form asks all the right questions to get the installation you want. In addition, we have a profound experience with modern televisions and mounting solutions, so don't worry about a job that's too big.

Enjoy your television fresh out of the box with a same-day install from our experts at Neighborhood Techs. Please fill out our online form and start enjoying your new television today!

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