Same-Day Service

Nothing beats the feeling you get unboxing your new premium television. So make your experience complete with professional TV mounting from our experts at Neighborhood Techs. Unbox your TV in the morning and enjoy it same-day in the comfort of your favorite room. Whether you want the perfect indoor mount or a unique accessory for your outdoor dining room, our experts at Neighborhood Techs can make it happen.

Book Online

Getting the service you want is easier than ever. Go to our website and book online. Answer a few simple questions and get a complete understanding of your installation. The sooner you book online, the earlier you can enjoy your brand new television. Don't miss out!

Professional TV Mounts

Do you need your television to be viewable from different rooms? Do you like watching from the sofa and the kitchen? Nothing beats watching the game while you tend the grill and then watching from your outdoor dining table. Ensure you have the TV mount you need for the viewing experience you deserve. We can help.

Complete Installations

There's more to a professional TV installation than mounting your beauty to the wall. Adding peripherals and accessories and tidying cables are part of our services. Anyone can snap a TV onto a mount with an octopus of cables bleeding from it. Our experts make sure every installation is sleek and discreet.

Enjoy same-day service when you book online. Trust our experts at Neighborhood Techs to deliver the professional TV installation you deserve.

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