TV Accessory Installation

Our installation professionals at Neighborhood Techs offer more than expert TV installation. We understand how to get the most from your viewing experience. That means we know ideal TV positioning, installing sound accessories, and adjusting your color and resolution settings. Get more from your flatscreen with our help and book online today!


Everyone thinks the middle of a room is the best place for your new flatscreen. But is it? Correct positioning begins with what you want to get from your viewing experience. Do you want to watch your TV from your favorite sofa, or do you need to see it from different rooms? How you mount a TV for family viewing versus seeing your TV from other rooms alters how it's mounted. We can help.


As modern flatscreen TVs get thinner, their onboard sound capability gets thinner too. A supplemental sound bar or audio system is necessary for a complete viewing experience. We can install your sound system and place your speakers for the ultimate viewing experience. Best of all, we can hide any unsightly wires your new sound system has. Your entertainment technology should be sleek and tidy. We make it happen.

Color & Resolution

A tidy TV and accessory installation aren't complete until your color and resolution settings check out. Rooms have different light balances at different times of the day. Is your viewing area in a room with windows, or do you have a windowless theater room? We can change your settings for the best viewing experience in your media room.

At Neighborhood Techs, we're more than TVs, but TV accessory installation also. Your viewing experience deserves an upgrade. Book online today!

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