Upgrade Your TV Mount Today

If you're ready for next-level enjoyment of your new flatscreen, our experts at Neighborhood Techs can help you upgrade your TV mount today! Get your flatscreen off the factory legs and onto the right wall in your living area, outdoor kitchen, or home office. When you are ready to enjoy all that a better TV mount can offer, we can help.

One size Doesn't Fit All

As clever as online reviews can be, it's impossible to guess how a mount affects your TV. As a result, DIY installations can go awry before the first screw is installed, especially if you start with the wrong TV mount? But how will you know which mount? Trust our experts to give you the best advice on choosing a suitable mount based on how you want to enjoy your TV.

The Perfect View

Some flatscreen applications are perfect for a stationary mount. For example, applications with screen-facing seating are great for a fixed mount. But what about when you need to see the screen from different places, like in a kitchen. Here, articulating mounts could be a better option. Our experts can give you the advice you need to choose the best mounting option.

Discreet Mounts

There are also decisions to make about the size of the television mount. Discreet mounts give you the support and articulation your flatscreen needs. Your flatscreen deserves a sleek mount that offers a viewing experience you will love. Attention should be on the screen, not the mounting hardware.

Upgrade your TV mount and enjoy a better viewing experience. Trust our experts at Neighborhood Techs to deliver the results you want.

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